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Welcome to AZ JDM Imports!

We founded our company because we have a true passion for Japanese auto culture. With this passion we wanted to be able to provide the general public with easier access to some of the most spectacular cars ever made throughout automotive history. However, at AZ JDM we are trying to put a spin on the current Importer sales trend by providing a more transparent and trustworthy foundation to how we conduct our business. We have found that many of the importers in the U.S. today provide a product that is somewhat sub par to what they claimed to be providing to each customer. We ourselves have experienced some of these dreaded stories of “I received the car off the truck and soon found it didn’t run” or “Drove the car for a few weeks and the clutch gave out”, because we too were customers at one time of different Japanese importers over the years.

Now, how are we going to be different than any other Japanese auto dealer? Every single car upon arrival to Arizona is dropped of first thing at a very reputable automotive performance shop here in Arizona, UMS Tuning. At any given time you can walk throughout their facility and see 1000 horsepower Toyota Supra’s or built Mazda RX7 FD’s. What this partnership allows us to do is have each vehicle go through a rigorous inspection process that is documented and presented to each owner before and after purchase. Instead of having to take the word of a sales person about fluids being replaced or all this work being done before the vehicle was ready for purchase, you will have the peace of mind that you will know the full extent of any discovered problems a vehicle might have. As well as having an inspection report, we also do any work prior that needs to be done for the owner to be able to drive their car off the lot and continue to do so without any hiccups. For example, our recently delivered S13 Silvia needed all new brakes and rotors along with new tires to be safely driven and able to be sold. Instead of doing it the cheap way as we have come to know, we invest more into the car so our customers have less to worry about – because in all honesty these cars are 25 years old and work will be needed, but we make sure you are made aware of anything we know of so you can enjoy the vehicle right away.

These cars are truly wonders and need to be driven on a regular, if not daily, basis. They need not to be sitting in a garage or an auto shop fixing problems that the importer easily could have fixed in the first place. As you will see over the coming months we will be providing a very interesting assortment of vehicles and will be taking them to a variety of shows and auto events. In the end, here at AZ JDM Imports we are a family that is truly driven by the passion of the automotive culture and are excited to be helping others join the Japanese district market movement and look forward to following each customers journey.


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