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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Importing a JDM Car Legal?

  • All AZ JDM cars are legally imported with proper exporting/importing documentation. We do not purchase non-functioning and VIN swapped vehicles.
  • All vehicles must be 25 years or older and because of this, we will not take requests for vehicles not of the current registration year.
    • For example, as of April 2016 – this would include vehicles up to April 1991.

Are JDM Cars Easy To Register and Title?

  • At the time you purchase an AZ JDM vehicle, it will be sold with a current Arizona title – which will be transferable anywhere within the U.S.*
    • * If you are from California, you already know your state requires emission compliance on all vehicles regardless of age. It would have to meet with current emission requirements at the time of registration.

What is the Quality of Cars we Import?

  • So it goes without saying – these are classic cars imported directly from Japan. We have to say this, but of course they are sold “As Is” and without a warranty, implied or otherwise. That being said, upon delivery to AZ JDM all vehicles will spend some quality time with a licensed and specialized tuning shop and go through a thorough inspection process.
    • All buyers will be given a copy of the inspection reports to further be transparent of any discovered issues identified during the inspection.
    • We can help with minor repairs or modifications at additional costs after purchase, but prior to pickup or transport of your vehicle.
    • If you are local, you can pick up your classic import directly at our showroom.
    • Otherwise, you are responsible for the full cost to transport your vehicle anywhere within the U.S. We can either assist you in setting up the transport of your vehicle or coordinate the pick up of your vehicle with your selected transporter.

Can I Import a Car You Don't Have in Stock?

  • If we don’t currently have what you are looking for in stock, we can assist in locating specific makes and models. ‘Contact Us’ to discuss options. Things to keep in mind:
    • Estimated time frames for delivery from Japan will be determined after your vehicle is acquired and available transport from Japan is identified.
    • Once AZ JDM receives the vehicle, we will get it registered in AZ.
    • It then goes through the inspection process described above before sale.
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