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About Us

Who We Are

AZ JDM ImportsAt AZ JDM Imports, we are serious car enthusiasts that wanted to make the rare and classic Japanese automobiles more accessible to the average person. As shop vehicles, we personally have a Toyota Supra Twin Turbo R and a Nissan Skyline gts-4. We live our brand on a daily basis!

What We Do

We specialize in Nissan, Toyota, Mazda and Hondas – but it really comes down to this, if it’s cool and rare and we can find it in Japan, we want to get it. A perfect example would be the rare find BMW (E30 RHD JDM spec M Sport) – Japanese make or not, that was just too cool to not bring it over.

How We Do What We Do

We spend a lot of time researching our imports, which takes a lot of patience as we also pass on a lot of vehicles. We avoid vehicles with high mileage and known corrosion, engine leaks, white smoke reports and poor repair quality.

When we identify a vehicle, we then ensure it is fully legal to import into the U.S. That starts with making sure all vehicles are at least 25 years or older as this is required in order to legally import them into the country.

How We Can Help You

Of course, we do the importing for you. All AZ JDM vehicles will get registered in Arizona before being sold to you. This makes it an easier purchasing process for you, whether you are in Arizona or purchasing from out of town.

If you don’t see the vehicle you are looking for, just let us know! If you select the ‘Contact Us’ page and complete the simple form, you will reach our staff directly. Let us know what car you’re dreaming about and we can talk about options – and do our best to locate it for you.


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